The team consisted of myself and three others: Cherise, Jonathan, and Maisha. Collaboratively we decided to use Instagram as our social media platform. Our goal was to create cohesive static and animated deliverables.

- Creative Brief​​​​​​​
Instagram Platform
- Animated Stickers  |  500x500 px​​​​​​​
- Animated Story  |  720x1280px / 1080x1920px .MOV or .MP4
- Swipe Up Link for Animated Timeline Ad  |  1080x1440px .MOV or .MP4
- The Nike mission is addressed to athletes. Athletes are not the only kinds of people that wear Nike. The clothing is not acknowledging the actual consumers
- Nike releases need more sizes 8 1/2 – 11 1/2
- Nike is expensive. The company attracts high and low income buyers. 

Our Objective: 
- To be inclusive to all types of people, from business, athlete to your everyday walker
- Promote the lifestyle section of their website, to create more traffic to their everyday wear
- Making prices more affordable, by promoting affordable merchandise
- Promote weather adapting clothing
- Promote healthier lifestyle at a younger age v.s. wearing Nike for fashion. 

Why we picked the brand:
- Our brand is a visual statement. 
- Our customers want to remain current.
- Nike is versatile in clothing and types of people.
- It is a well-known brands across the world.

Why we picked social media platforms:
- We picked Instagram as our primary focus. The application is free, instant and is accessible to clothing prices.
- The application is user friendly and provides visual information.
- They are leading the modern age in imagery. They are the 1st platform that primarily used photos.
Target Market:
- Sneaker Heads (shoe fanatics)
- Everyday Consumer (business and casual - ex: changing from sneakers to work shoes or heals to oxfords
- Athletes (soccer, basketball, tennis, running, golf, skateboard, track and field)
- Exercise enthusiasts (yoga wear, socks, sweaters, sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts, shorts, slides)
- Children (items that promote a healthier lifestyle and include children in mom and dads workouts)
- People investing in popular culture (music artists, cartoon, celebrities, brands like Ben & Jerry's, SpongeBob and Arizona Ice Tea).​​​​​​​
Explanation of Our Style Guide:
- The Swoosh is a universal symbol for Nike. You don't need copy to understand the brand. Our stickers and animated Ads include the Swoosh because it is the most recognizable symbol for Nike. 
- We also wanted to emphasize natural elements in our stickers. Representing how our brands tackle weather conditions (focusing on air). 

Design Process: 
- Research, hand and digital sketches and iterations using Fresco, Illustrator, Photoshop. 
- Collectively we agreed on Our Colorway
- I created the sneakers using Illustrator, animated story posts using Spark Post and the Instagram homepage using photoshop.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Right: Elements Water & Air  |  I provided Maisha with the sneakers to animate. Maisha animated the elements pop up and lid flip.
Below: Our Colorway - I provided Jonathan with Our Colorway sneakers. The gif shadow (upward motion) was created by Jonathan.  
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