Graphic and Motion Designer 
With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, my work features sustainability, innovative art and artists, and reimagining ads for familiar products. I am energized by a collaborative and creative environment, open for full time and freelance work. 

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Raised in Manhattan, I have always found inspiration in the diverse culture of New York City. On subway rides and walks, I almost always discover an interesting piece of artwork. If you ever get a chance, take a look at what's pasted on a lamp post. 

In my free time I visit museums, watch sports, hang with friends and my two cats (although I am still a dog person).​​​​​​​
My extended family loved visiting museums and zoos, making them an important part of my life. My high school designed its curriculum around modules at museums and cultural institutions in New York City. I find museums are just as interesting as the people that make up this city.

When I was twelve I traveled to my birthplace in Brazil where I gained a new appreciation for the magnificence of nature and the need to care for it. Escaping to nature and watching the sunset is how I like to recharge. 

I am a creative and organized thinker with a strong work ethic, contributing to the world through design, one detail at a time.
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