Four individual booklet and magazine layout designs:
1 | Metrobank Annual Report
2 | Reza Abedini, a booklet about the designer
3 | Eye Thought, a booklet about multiple designers
4 | Type Specimen Book, a book about different type designers 
I approached each of them by researching existing annual reports and the designers' work. I read blog posts and visited multiple bank and artist websites.
1 | Metrobank 
Most corporations have to create an extensive, often text heavy document of their activities in the previous year. I decided the report needed to be sophisticated yet inviting to read. 
I approached the design by organizing the company's written information in a readable layout with supporting  graphs and flowcharts. I used geometric shapes, squares and rectangles to represent the seriousness of banks and reiterate the logo. Circles were incorporated throughout the report to allow for a softer, more organic feel.
2 | Reza Abedini
Fascinated by Reza Abedini's ability to blend Iranian art with design, I selected artwork that showcases his heritage through typography and Persian calligraphy. 
3 | Eye Thought
Each artist has something that makes them unique. Those selected have deepened the powers of visual communication and shifted the way people see the world. 

4 | Type Specimen Book
The individuals inside the book are inventors, type founders, printers, publishers, letter designers, known for their historic accomplishments. Many of which are still used today.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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